Cashmere Scarf Classic Blue 2 G

Cashmere Scarf Classic Blue 2 G

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Softness and glamor of cashmere scarf is irreplaceable in a could weather. Today, cashmere is used not only for classic cashmere patterns, but also for classic single coloured and rainbow coloured products. Sometimes its combined with silk that gives it silky shine and glamor. Cashmere shawles undoubtedly belong to the highest quality fashion accessory.

Fibre: 70% cashmere(pashmina) 30% silk

Size: 165 x 66cm

Pashmina is similar name for cashmere labeled on some products.

Washing instructions:

Cashmere product is ought to be washed on a very gentle program set for washing woolen products in max. 20 °C. We recommend to wash it in hands to prolong its durability. Please, do not wring it, dry it in a drier or in the direct sun. Cashmere prolongs its natural look if treated with care.