Ladies Scarf Noblesa White
Ladies Scarf Noblesa White

Ladies Scarf Noblesa White

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Very elegant and outstanding silky scarf with oriental tint. Beauty of the pattern on transparent silky underlay adds glamor to every dress.

Fibre: 60% silk  33% polyester 7% spandex

Size: 160 x 45cm


Care instructions:

To preserve longterm original quality, it is necessary to keep following instructions:

Wash it in temperature max. 30° C  and use gentle washing powder intended for silk or wool.

Silk fibre should be washed gently in hand and then thoroughly rinsed, firstly in a lukewarm and then a cold water.

Never wash it in automatic washing machine and never dry it in spin-drier or drier. Silk fibre dries very quick. To speed up drying wrap it in a towel to soak up water and then hang it to dry. Never hang it on the direct sunshine or the heater!  Iron it from the reverse side when slightly wet, maximally on the "silk" mode. Do not use steaming or spraying.